Archeological Pottery Puzzles – Tools for Educators

Educational curriculum for all age groups:

Ancient Ties Inc. has designed a companion activity guidebook for the educator and the learners.

This guide can be used for a unit covering from one class period up to three weeks worth of classes and it is appropriate for learners ranging from the very young to senior adults. The companion helps the educator and the group of learners explore through a multidisciplinary approach the piece which they are about to assemble.

The companion explores many themes: Archaeologist Tools, Water Sources, Hideouts, Walled Cities, What is a Tel, The Oil Industry, Fruits of the Land and many more.

A Journey Companion

The price of each group activity set-$350.00.
(That’s $14.5 per student)

This includes:
24 packages of shards
1 Authentic Artifact
Special Pottery Glue (enough for all)
Plaster and balloons for patching work
Support sticks for construction of ancient artifacts
1Teachers guide covering preparation, and historical background
37 Activity sheets to go with the map grid
24 Students guide enhancing multidisciplinary activities
24 student certificates.

Through the use of different activities in Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math and Literature Students will have a better understanding and appreciation for the Land of the Bible, it’s People and our shared history “Modern archaeologists use what they find in the field to help us understand how the Bible was crafted and why. This we learn by reconstructing the life and lifestyle of the people of the Bible.”

Through these high-quality pottery “puzzles” that you can bring into the classroom, you can reconstruct the work of modern archaeologists, learn the ways in which archaeologists reconstruct history from artifacts, and get the feel of holding history in your hands. For young people, this is an exciting introduction to a reality that no longer exists. It makes history live for them, first in the classroom and then in their hearts.

These guides, lovingly prepared to help you get the most out of the Pottery Puzzle kits, make it an enjoyable task to translate classroom archaeology into classroom reality.

What seems on the surface to be a mere puzzle turns into a classroom adventure, a journey back to the beginnings of our people, to a time when our hopes and our aspirations were fresh and inspiring. Of course, for parents and teachers, the highest satisfaction occurs when the inspiration abiding in Jewish history (and particularly in the Bible) comes alive for our young people. This is what transforms the work of teaching into the joy of learning.

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