Asher Yatzar is a short blessing (Babylonia Talmud Brachot 60b) of thanks to God for the proper functioning of one’s body. The blessing encompasses a general praise for the fact that the millions of processes of the human body take place exactly as we want them to do. There are many of us who, for one or other medical reason, are unable to perform the “normal” functions of the body, or who are suffering from various illnesses. It has been been found, in many instances, that upon accepting upon oneself the obligation of reciting this blessing regularly, many such people have experienced an improvement in their condition.

Age, illness, and injuries take their toll: bodies are fragile and complicated, and things don’t work sometimes. This takes a toll on the spirit, whether the illness is minor and miserable or major and life-changing. This is part of the human condition. Paradoxically, that is also where the spiritual element enters: it is the human condition. We are finite and fragile. This is what we are..

A person is created with “many openings and many cavities.” The Midrash Tanchuma notes that the numerical value of the Hebrew words “chalulim chalulim — cavities, cavities” is 248, which is also the number of organs in
the body. If even one of the cavities, such as the heart, stomach, or intestines were ruptured; or if one of the openings, such as the mouth, nose or anus were blocked, one’s body could not function properly. We conclude the blessing, “Blessed are You, God, Who heals all flesh and acts wondrously.”
Recognizing the wisdom and wonder of the human body creates a powerful awareness.
together precisely.
In the clip below Nigel Savage of Hazon shares his thoughts on Asher Yatzar