Va-yigash (Vayigash) A family reunion

A family reunions and brotherly love as expressed by Judah and Joseph. Previously we read that when the famine came, it effected Canaan whereupon Jacob sent all his sons, except for Benjamin, to Egypt to buy food. However Joseph sent them back with food but made them come back with Benjamin.

When they were to return a second time he purposely accused Benjamin of steeling something that Josseph himself ordered to be placed in their sacks of food. Judah pleads for the life of Benjamin because of what it would do to Jacob, their father. At that point Joseph broke down told them he was their brother and eventually had his entire family move to Egypt to live. Traditions are formed not only by practices shaped by text and images, but also through oral expression. These distinctive illustrations represent the imagery of our history. Avi Katz created the designs to be part of the Ancient Ties Chai Style Collection. These exquisite images chronicle our roots by recounting the stories of the Bible.

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