Seek Peace silk tie

“Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it”(Psalms 34:14).

The Hebrew word for peace is: Shalom. Shalom is a positive active state of being, it is a context of life rather than the specific content or set of attributes. Shalom is to be whole, sound, complete: it is a context of well-being and integrity. The Biblical concept of peace is based on the view that human beings were made in the image of God and endowed with the responsibility to make the world a place of beauty and peace for everyone.

The search for peace is an every day act one finds within him/her self, within a family unit or community. Just as the dove in the illustration is carrying the olive branch in search of better grounds, we to must remember that we should not assume that peace as the dove in the clouds is beyond our reach. Biblical text has been, and is, an important and influential part of civilization. Biblical passages have kept commentators busy throughout the ages. A passage relevant 2000 years ago can become of value and be significant even in these modern times. The Bible has played a significant role not only in religious communities, but art, literature, medicine, business and politics are indebted to biblical motif, themes and images.

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