SpicesIn Genesis 25 we learn that people will pay a hefty price when the aromas coming up from the dish have a powerful sway over others. Even the most simplest dish can be made into something that others will savor and want.

How many cookbooks are in your collection? What types of dishes are are represented? What parts are the world did they originate? Are they spicy? Sweet? perhaps a mixture of both. The Biblical story of Jacob and Esau is woven in with two short narration description of food preparation and the joy one experiences from something they value.

Food preparation should not be left only to experts. We can all take part an enjoy this age old tradition. From sea food to animal meat or just the harvest of the land. When we take the time to find the right items that will be the most suited for our meal of choice, we make meal preparation an experience that can take us back in time.

If you have not had a chance to get your hands dirty in the kitchen, try it out. You might fall in love.
The clip below features the  scene from Oliver where the children could only imagine what they consider glorious food.