Throughout history people have shown an interest in the stars. The zodiac signs can be traced to Babylonian days. The ancient synagogue of Beit Alpha had in its center a marvelous mosaic floor with the 12 signs. The floor features the Hebrew names of the zodiac with the names of the Hebrew months.
It is referred to as the Zodiac wheel and in Hebrew as galgal mazalot. Mazal is the sign. Many leading authorities have discussed in various writings such as the Talmud, whether the practice of astrology was prohibited by the Jewish law. The fact remains that in each occasion which calls for celebration, you can hear everyone call out in Hebrew “MAZAL TOV”! (be it in a good sign). Greek literature reflects the impact of the stars on the life of an agricultural and seafaring people. Homer (c. 9th century BC) records several constellations by the names used today, and the first mention of circumpolar stars is in the Odyssey


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